Pelvic bone, nest on board. 12×16

Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, represents cyclicality, Infinity. Pelvic bones are used, symbolizing this concept in that although they are bones, representing death, they protect the womb and are the house of creation. These represent both the life held in death as well as the death inside Life, a beautiful spiral of Infinity. The Vagina, obviously, is the gateway to procreation as well as the passageway for new life. The Venus symbolizes fertility, the Nest, safety and a place for both the generative act to occur as well as the place where life bursts forth and is nurtured. The prescription bottle is of Clomid, a common fertility drug. This panel holds a broken pelvic bone that has been wired together, symbolizing both the essentially mechanical nature of life, and the artificial means that can be used to induce naturality. Additionally, the wires are twisted to recall the shape of DNA and are behind the bones, hidden, like the mechanics so essential to life.

Ouroboros: Nest



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