found baler twine, electrical wire

70 x 100 x 100 cms


A Nest provides safety and a place for both the generative act to occur as well as the place where life bursts forth and is nurtured. This nest holds a video installation of video work filmed in the Carpathian forests of Slovakia.

The dark currents running through the weave symbolize the dark uterine/universal waters, the unknown physics of cosmic currents, the unknowable night sea. Womb of creation, nest, place of generation, inspiration.

Upside down, the whorled pattern of a nautilus shell is visible, reflecting the lunar influence made physical in the Nautilus shell, another symbol of the Divine Feminine and of the generative process.

The currents roil, dip and swirl like our emotions, all the strands are tied to one another also as in our actions, reactions and emotions.

During the weaving process I listened to riverine songs of emotion like Smetana’s Vltava and Zoe Keating’s experimental cello.

A nest is an elaborate personalization of space, an individuation even as it then contribute to the collective. A defense, an insulation, a structure where before there was none, nests are all these things, making a still pool of safety within.




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