Irreversible Forest wall installation


12 x 12 inches.

artist built frame, moss, branches, woody mushroom from the Carpathian forest where the video was filmed.

Irreversible Forest
Allison Kotzig
Istvan Szilagyi

In Irreversible Forest, the ways in which our attitudes suddenly change in response to a shifting of the normal within our environment is explored through the referencing of the Fairy Tale World.
This speaks to our current political and psychological situations in everyday life. We assume we are walking in safety and security but, as world and personal events such as the terrorism, school and workplace shootings and sickness or injury show, the environment to which we are habituated can suddenly turn into an unrecognizable, terrifying maze of survival.
The shift in consciousness that results, the erosion of security, the erasure of the reliance on perceived safety is what is explored here.

Irreversible Forest Wall Video Installation



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