Centaur Forest Wall video installation.
12 x 12 inches
created with artifacts from the Carpathian forest where it was filmed.
dried mushroom, moss, branches, video screen.

Centaur Forest II

A fairy tale-like fantasy of a sexy, sassy, gay, young centaur flirting with the viewer from his forest. He hides behind trees, fluttering his eyelashes and cooing at the viewer. Intercut with scenes of a powerful stallion galloping through the forest, as well as eerie shots of deserted tree allees.

Gender and sexual identity paradigms are recalled. In art and myth, the centaur is a symbol of our animal nature, though this is usually seen as shameful or unevolved, Centaur Forest posits this harmony with our physical biology as beautiful.

The centaurs are the antithesis of the knight and the horseman because instead of taming their instincts, centaurs are purported to be ruled by them. Historically, they symbolize violent lust, adultery, vengefulness, heretics, and the Devil.! I am interested to subvert this paradigm and to have a more inclusive interpretation of the Centaur, where our biology is embraced instead of feared, our sexuality joyful and not shamed! There is no longer any need for our desires to be hidden in myth….Let the sexy Centaurs roam free!

Centaur Forest Wall video installation



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